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2017 Culinary Forecasts

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Photo credit: Food Business News

Food industry experts around the world are getting their 2017 trends ready for the year. This year, Food Business News predicts we will see seven specific trends occur as 2017 continues. 

Liz Moskow weighs in on her predictions in this article. As the creative culinary director for Boulder-based Sterling-Rice Group, Moskow states that fermented foods are becoming trendy because they “feed the positive flora in your gut.” Her prediction is that flavor trends will be driven by the desire to be healthy. With that, the old becomes new again and old traditions like fermentation are being used across the U.S. to create unique flavors. Traditional foods like sauerkraut and kombucha are gaining popularity due to their gut health benefits.

Moskow continues to say that she notices people are fermenting and pickling everything lately. Are you looking to keep up with the food trends without the extra effort? Store-bought sauerkraut and pickles can provides many health benefits without the hassle of DIY.

Learn the top seven trends and read the full article in Food Business News. 

Original article posted on Food Business News by Karen Weisberg.