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3 Sauerkraut Health Benefits You Won’t Believe

To create sauerkraut, cabbage is shredded and fermented. During fermentation, microbial processes create lactic acid and probiotics. While that may seem scientific, sauerkraut is no new discovery. Early records of people making sauerkraut date back over 4,000 years. Talk about …
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Sauerkraut is the Surprising Secret to Great Skin

Next time you have an annoying blemish pop up, you’ll probably wonder about the next magical cure to pimples. Home remedies? The most expensive cream on the shelf? A pricey spa treatment? Some are turning to a different kind of …
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Digestive Health | Why Fermented Foods Matter

“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates, 400 BC. As stated long ago, most health issues begin with your stomach. The stomach plays a huge role in maintaining the body’s immune system since it is the largest mucosal organ. Goop, a lifestyle …
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