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Inspiring Seafood Dishes Include Sauerkraut

salmon pastrami altabira 1 Inspiring Seafood Dishes Include Sauerkraut

Photo Credit: Altabira City Tavern

Many chefs have taken creative leaps with their food in the past couple years. One trend that continues to add flavor and health benefits is adding fermented foods to classic dishes. For example, adding sauerkraut to sandwiches or fermenting the butter served with bread.

National Restaurant News covers the next trends in the culinary industry, seafood inspired by charcuterie.  They call it seacuterie.

Seafood and fermented foods were joined together by innovative chef, Aaron Black, in his salmon pastrami. This sandwich contains salmon, rye croutons, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island aioli.

Not only is sauerkraut adding great flavor to seafood, but other chefs are adding pickles, pickling meat like octopus, and fermenting fish.

To read all the unique seacuterie platters and learn where you can find them, visit the original article. 

Original article posted on 12/12/16 on National Restaurant News and written by Fern Glazer.